1 .This boiler is a regulation 3 fire tube boiler. The flow is strong, and transfers heat quickly and efficiently. Heats a large area, thus thermal energy is used to its fullest. Providing a rapid boil and speedily produces hot water.

2.The protective systems are complete, offering a safe and reliable device. The boiler is equipped with an auto-ignition extinguishable system. Everything from load control, water limitations, temperature and speed of this boiler is controlled by you. Using a password protection system. It is equipped to keep a high temperature in-case of a power outage. Due to all of its protective systems, we guarantee the boilers safety.

3.It has an automatic diagnostics function, imported from Italy, to allow a computer controlled system.

4.This series of boiler, is widely used in the textile industry, chemical industry, clothing printers and so on. As well as schools, hotels, and guest houses.